Friday, April 9, 2010

SFSU experience

After reading Blum's analysis about Notre Dame, I realize that my experience at SFSU is so much different. I mean, we still have parties and what not, but I'm not a party girl. I'm not against them or anything, it's just that I'm not a fan of the alcohol. But either way, I feel that SFSU is more real life based. I know so many people that come to SFSU because it's cheaper and closer to home. But living near the city has its perks. I think that my priorities are more about studying and getting good grades ( nerd I know!) but I still also want to have fun. So, I do have times where I'm chilling with my friends but we do different things like play video games or make new recipes in the kitchen. Plus, we bond over certain TV shows so it's still really fun. I think at Notre Dame, the students have the luxury to party and not worry about their school work as much where SFSU, that's not a big option. Classes at SFSU are limited and it's a fight to get the best opportunity. Another huge thing is that we don't have Fraternity row or a football team. I think this would make a big difference because we would have a lot more school spirit, and more unity. But everyone on campus is more focused on getting their stuff done, so I think that students at SFSU are more responsible. It's like we're already in the real world...somewhat. Most of my friends have jobs and the workload can be a lot which means fun time would be limited as well. Overall, I don't mind. I like the chill atmosphere and the random exploration of the city for some good eats and good cheap places to have fun at. I guess that's the best perk about living so close to a major city.

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