Sunday, May 2, 2010

Research Project

Surprisingly, I thought this research project was a really good idea in the first place and I wish we had more time to get more information and more interviews but it was still pretty fun. I definitely like the group collaboration as well. One interesting thing our group found was that most of the people interviewed have not plagiarized. Most of the plagiarism that was committed seemed more accidental than deliberate in the surveys such as citing things incorrectly. I liked how most of the people interviewed viewed plagiarism as a stupid thing to do, they didn't go into how complicated plagiarism is such as in Blum's book. Students interviewed at Notre Dame went into detailed accounts of different levels of plagiarism whileas at SFSU students just said, " Don't plagiarize, it's stupid." Another interesting thing about SFSU is that students are very academic oriented. I like how SFSU students know that academics should be their priority and they're not taking it lightly.


  1. I'm glad that many students do put school in their top priorities, and don't take education for granted. But then we have to consider that it depends on their major(s) and job(s) which affects how often they focus on schoolwork and attend classes, no matter how important they think education is or how stupid plagiarism is.
    It's all a matter of time~ haha..

  2. It does seem like a lot of plagiarism is "accidental" -- a lot of students don't seem to really know what it is.