Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Word! Response

Finally finished!!!! Not that I'm saying the book was a bad read. I wasn't a huge fan of the last two chapters though because I felt that Blum embellished a lot on her words and kind of went on a tangent especially in Chapter 4. But I liked that she explored the college "bubble" and the information she found about college was pretty accurate. I guess she had a chapter about the college world so that she could expand her audience. I definitely liked what she touched about how to solve the problem of plagiarism in college campuses though. I didn't expect her to be so harsh with the one girl student she had in her class but at the same time, the girl did not bother to revise her essay twice and didn't put in the effort to truly be original. It was good that she is touching on trying to bridge the gap between students and faculty. I like that Blum doesn't blame only the students and emphasizes that teachers need to do their job by comparing student quotation with citations that the student provides. It definitely makes the student feel like that they have to put more effort instead of assuming that the teacher isn't even going to spend time to read what they wrote. Blum also wants teachers to really educate students and if they make mistakes, give students a chance to redeem themselves like she did to her students. I like that approach, I think that students would eventually understand how to not make the same mistakes again.


  1. The book was alright, haha. It is about college culture, so it should be a bit easier to relate to.
    I actually think Blum was kind of nice on the girl because the second time she did it there was the chance of expulsion, but she was safe.
    I also like that Blum doesn't let the students shoulder all the blame. We can't or at least shouldn't point any fingers anyway.

  2. Blum wants teachers to really educate students, but I think she could have been more specific in her recommendations. Really, every instructor who asks students to write -- no matter what discipline -- should be teaching students the how and why of citations, but, like Blum herself, a lot of them assume that that's the English teacher's job alone!

  3. I also like that Blum doesn't blame the students because I think that's a stance that many people and teachers take.